W Foundation is a not-for-profit organization located in New York City. 


The mission of this organization is to provide female entrepreneurs assistance in developing sustainable businesses through mentorship, training, and the provision of business infrastructure support. 

W Foundation’s first cohort will consist of between three and six women who have been accepted by a selection committee for the 2017 cohort.  

Successful applicants can expect assistance with establishing financial accounts, retaining an accountant, and obtaining assistance with marketing, promoting and selling the applicants service or product.  

W Foundation will provide both monetary matching grants as well as simple grants of services and equipment in support of the new business.   The applicant will be expected to be self-motivated, enthusiastic, and have a great attitude. 

  • Mandatory monthly training and mentorship meetings will be held during the year.  The first six monthly meetings will help cohort members better define their product or service, as well as their target market. 
  • The next three to six monthly meetings will concentrate on establishing necessary financial accounts, payroll services, contracts, websites, other media resources, applications for government certifications, and if necessary, a physical location / office.
  • Upon successful completion of the first six months of training, W Foundation will assist the new business owners in launching their businesses.  W Foundation will assist the new business in finding customers, clients, and funding sources.

Please see the “files” page for more information and the actual application.